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Class 2S Driver Training

Enjoy a Rewarding Career as a School Bus Driver

The North Peace Commercial Driving Academy offers Class 2S Driver Training at no cost to the applicant providing the applicant becomes a school bus driver for the Peace River School Division (PRSD).

Each day, 69 PRSD School Bus Drivers transport approximately 2,800 students 11,848 km from their homes to school and then back again. The total transportation service area of the PRSD is 12,378 km², and we have approximately 100 school bus drivers on staff.

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Bus Driver Requirements

  1. Your driving history must demonstrate that you are a safe and knowledgeable driver. A copy of your driver abstract will be obtained and reviewed by the school division. We carry precious cargo and will not tolerate drivers with poor driving skills.
  2. Your driving experience will reflect how well you will handle a school bus. A good background of driving is essential.
  3. An interest in young people is necessary. Your interaction with people can be a determining factor in your success as a school bus driver.
  4. You are required to have a medical examination before you can obtain a Class 2S driver license. If you have any physical handicaps and/or health problems relating to the senses (i.e. respiratory, hearty, nerves, or psychiatric systems) you may not be eligible for school bus driving. There may be other areas of concern or limitations that may prevent you from meeting the medical requirements for a Class 2S license.
  5. All Applicants will be required to provide a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check prior to employment.

The Role of the School Bus Driver

Bus drivers need many skills apart from their exceptional driving ability. They must be prepared for all situations. They have to be able to stay calm, recognize problems and act on them, and contend with motorists who disobey the rules of the road regarding school bus safety.

The school bus driver is a public relations agent. In many cases they are the first contact the child may have with school division personnel. They are required to talk with students, parents, educators and administrators.

The school bus driver is an instructor. Many of the pupils now riding school buses will be driving vehicles on the highway within a few years. They naturally look to their school bus driver as a professional driver to teach them good driving habits by his/her daily example.

The school bus driver is a disciplinarian. On the school bus, discipline problems can quickly become safety issues. By establishing and enforcing consistent rules with a professional attitude, the driver can instill in the pupils, a respect for authority and an appreciation of good citizenship.

The school bus driver must have excellent personal habits, pride in their personal appearance and pride in the cleanliness and mechanical condition of the bus they drive. They must be a responsible and courteous driver.

Most important, school bus drivers must be safety conscious 24 hours a day. What you do off the job may affect your performance on the job. You must know the rules of the road and the laws that regulate the operation of school buses.